If you are considering working with us, this page will give you a good idea what its like at Carmelcrest.
If you are a perspective client, this will give you an idea how we treat you.

Our principle is to Serve.

Serve our Clients, Serve our Employees.

This is further defined in our eight principles below




Principle 1: Recruit good Fits

Recruiting people who believe in our principles is extremely important to us, “Good fits” with our culture. We try to recruit people with the right character, and we try to find this out during the six month probation.

Principle 2: Have Fun & do Stuff Together


We believe our time at work should be as much fun as possible, and we will provide the best amenities possible for our team. We will also look for opportunities to get the team involved in social events and activities outside work.

Principle 3: Facilitate Personal Aspirations


We believe in an environment where an employees future development and aspirations can be fulfilled. To this end we will give promotions, encourage changes of job role and responsibility. Even set up new ventures which team members may be passionate about.

If an employee is in need of short-term support due to a change in personal circumstance, we believe in being as flexible and supportive as possible.

Principle 4: Empower Employees


You will never be a number working with us. You will be a valued member of the team, who's opinion is taken seriously. We like input from our employees, ideas and suggestions. We would rather an employee say, 'I intend to', than, 'what should I do'.


Principle 5: Mistakes are Opportunities 


We do not blame people for mistakes. We love mistakes. We know they are the best possible way of learning. But we also believe in owning up to mistakes, so we can all get the benefit of the learning. 

Principle 6: We not Me


We are very much a team and no individual is higher than another...we just do different jobs. We believe in sharing ideas, knowledge and experience, and as much communication as possible between all levels.

Principle 7: No Dramas Please

We don't do people dramas that detract us from our work. We have an open door policy at all times, and any issues resolved quickly. We are not interested in people who cause discontent in our business, our focus needs to be on giving service.

Principle 8: Service leading to Profit


Our main focus is on Service. Service to our Clients, Service to our Employees. We believe profit will inevitably follow if we serve our staff and clients.

Our motto is: “Job for Life – Client for life.”

If we serve our employees and clients well. We feel there is a good chance they will want to stay with us. So our goal is to provide a Job for life and to work with our clients for life. 



To continue building a team who share our values, where people feel safe and cared for and care for each other
and our clients. Leading to continuous growth and profitability.

Get in touch

Our turnover increased by over 100% last year, heading for over £10m this year. Our team is growing and we are looking for good people in all areas, who believe what we believe. So if you are in marketing, sales, or any construction discipline, or simply feel we are the type of company you'd like to work for; we'd love you to get in touch.